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Chishine3d optoelectronics is a national high-tech enterprise and a provincial leading talent enterprise.
The company was initiated and founded by Xi 'an JIAOTONG university professor and pegatron student team
2014 is a high-tech enterprise specialized in 3D digitization and intelligent hardware research and development.
The company was supported by Xi 'an JIAOTONG university and Xi 'an optical institute of Chinese academy of sciences,                       with strong scientific research strength.

Through years of research and development experience in the industry, the international leading core technology
has nearly 40 independent intellectual property rights, and has won many top domestic innovations new business
competition awards. The products developed by us have been widely praised in the market.


The company has been working on 3D technology for more than 10 years, and has developed the "3D imaging + artificial intelligence" technology, and developed the high-precision 3D depth camera technology.

It can be integrated into mobile phones, computers, robots and other products. It is widely used in home entertainment, medical plastic surgery,Military security, cultural industry, maker education, industrial testing and other fields, and on the existing basis rapid iterative upgrading.

Relying on its own technology, the company has accumulated massive 3D face model library, and has the world's largest high-precision 3D Chinese face data.

Based on this, the library will carry out the research and development of 3D artificial intelligence algorithms, develop 3D face recognition, gesture interaction and other products and solutions Enter consumer electronics, high-level security, payment and other frontier areas.



I often wonder why our country, with so many universities and research institutes producing tens of thousands of papers, patents and research results each year, is still subject to the control of others on core technologies. This may be hard to answer in a single sentence, but it is certain that the problem will be solved only if the majority of the country CARES about core technologies that require long-term investment, rather than short-term, tangible benefits.

Knowing that optoelectronics is such a company dedicated to the research and development of core technologies, it is also a platform belonging to such a group of young people: they do not stand by, do not envy others, do not complain; They overcame one difficulty after another with countless lines of code, countless experiments, countless nights. With the spark of ideas and assiduous pursuit, they forge a proud product.

Everyone has only one life. It's better to go out on your own than to envy others. Keep going, keep going, and your dreams will come true. Join us to embark on a fascinating journey into the 3D world with partners like optoelectronics. Through the efforts of our generation, let the family live better, let the country and society become better!


The company has high-quality, highly educated staff team, of which the R & D personnel accounts for about 60%. Nearly 50% of all employees have Master's degree or Doctor's degree, and 80% have Bachelor's degree or above.




The company has branches such as Suzhou subsidiary company and shenzhen R & D center, headquartered in the national university science park of Xi 'an jiaotong university R & D office space is nearly 1000 square meters, and R & D facilities are advanced and complete. The production base is located in Suzhou Changshu high-tech development zone. The factory has nearly 1500 square meters and perfect production line facilities. The hardware R & D center is located in nanshan science and technology park, relying on Shenzhen excellence.

The industrial environment and industrial chain complement the advantages of the headquarters.

The company has R & D Department, Marketing Department, Production Department, Data Department, Finance Department, Administration and Personnel Department and other functional departments Perfect, standard management.