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The post-90s are starting a 3D technology company


Recently, in the 6th China innovation and entrepreneurship competition (shaanxi competition area) and shaanxi province science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship advanced manufacturing industry growth group final, xi 'an zhixiang optoelectronic technology co., LTD., which studies 3D scanning technology, finally stood out from 132 enterprises and won the first place in the final. The founder of the high-tech enterprise is Yang tao, a post-90.

Strong interest:

Start research in the freshman year

Yang tao, a young entrepreneur, has an excellent resume. In 2009, Yang tao was admitted to xi 'an jiaotong university. In his first year of study, he began to work on optical 3D detection technology. This year, the film "avatar" made the public familiar with 3D technology. "3D technology is becoming more and more popular, and my interest in research is growing," he said.

Since then, this young undergraduate began to busy laboratory life, the most busy time, they are in the laboratory every day. His team has won the first prize of the "challenge cup" national college students extracurricular academic science and technology works competition, and the golden award of the national college students entrepreneurship practice competition.

"" Mr Zhou xiang was a technical adviser to the start-up team, with five members in the start-up team, and has now developed into an entrepreneurial team of dozens," "said Yang tao.

Rapid development:

Two rounds of financing in two years

In 2014, Yang tao registered and established xi 'an zhixiang optoelectronic technology co., LTD. This year, the technical team successfully developed the first ultra-fast 3D face scanning module prototype - a consumer product. What does that mean? "" this refers to the disruptive new product we are developing, which integrates technologies such as 3D imaging, 3D face recognition, and is a high-tech product aimed at individual consumers, which can be applied in mobile payment, digital entertainment, mobile office and other scenarios," "Yang tao explained.

Originally, 3D scanning is still mainly used in the professional market due to the price factor. In the personal consumption market, the combination of 3D imaging technology with security certification, human-computer interaction and digital entertainment can produce many disruptive applications. For example, 3D face recognition can be used for mobile payment, mobile devices can be manipulated through gestures, and photo effects can be enhanced through 3D scanning. Currently, the price factor of 3D imaging makes it difficult to apply the technology in the consumer market. Without the support of the consumer market, 3D imaging is also difficult to reduce the cost. "It is rumored that the iphone8 will first be equipped with a 3D imaging module," Yang said. 3D imaging is expected to be on the eve of an explosion.

With the capital and the state's strong support for innovation and entrepreneurship, the company has been developing very fast. From the end of 2014 to 2016, it has received angel round financing and A round financing successively.

Promising prospect:

Virtual fitting of shopping mall and 3D scanning of cultural relics

According to the introduction, zhixiang developed and produced the third-generation scanning technology products, mainly using scanning laser and white light multi-mode scanning technology. "This scanning technology combines the advantages of strong anti-interference ability of laser scanning and fast white light scanning to make our scanners free of spraying, quick scanning of black, high reflection and metal surface, which is not available to ordinary scanners. This is our patented technology," Yang tao said. The advantage of this technology is that it is very easy to use. No matter the material, color, reflective property and structural complexity of the object being scanned, our products can be scanned at one click, which greatly facilitates users and reduces the cost of learning and procurement.

For example, he said, the technology is particularly suitable for online shopping mall virtual shopping 3D modeling, cultural relic 3D scanning, such a large batch, diverse measured objects, unable to spray the use of the scene. "" combined with our robot intelligent scanning technology, thousands of commodities and cultural relics can be modeled automatically as they are on an assembly line." " That is to say, many online buyers can only see the embarrassment of the network pictures, can be directly online to accurately try on clothes, avoid a lot of back-and-forth mailing replacement trouble.

Yang tao is keenly aware that 3d scanning products are more mature in many industries abroad and should go abroad. The company has successively established cooperative relations with companies from the United States, Canada, Spain, Germany and other countries. After two years of development, the company has developed into a certain scale, has a research and development, office, production area of more than 2700 ㎡ technology company.

"The achievement of a series of achievements is the result of the team's hard work and progress, and closely following the development of The Times," Yang said. I hope to bring more surprises to the market and users in the future. ""

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