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Xi 'an guangji institute of Chinese academy of sciences to build northwest "zhongguancun"


Beijing, Nov. 9 (xinhua) -- xi 'an guangji institute of the Chinese academy of sciences has made remarkable achievements in the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, the incubation of scientific and technological enterprises and the construction of small and micro-sized enterprises demonstration base in recent years, which has been recognized by general secretary xi jinping. Ma caiwen, secretary of the party committee and deputy director of the xi 'an guangmo institute of the Chinese academy of sciences, told reporters in xi 'an recently that when general secretary xi visited the institute in February this year, he praised the "talent + technology + capital + service" model of scientific and technological achievements transformation. At present, the company has introduced more than 30 overseas high-end startup teams and incubated more than 70 high-tech enterprises, achieving a output value of 1.2 billion yuan and attracting 700 million yuan of social investment. It forms three major disciplines and industrial layout of photon information, photon manufacturing and biological photon.

Innovative hiring model to attract leading talent

In terms of the employing mechanism of xi 'an optical machine, I dare to "remove the wall" and innovate the employing mode. A group of leading talents with international level have been introduced to shaanxi, forming a good situation of "flying northwest for peacock" locally. Cheng dong, chairman and CEO of xi 'an qixin optoelectronics technology co., LTD., formerly a senior executive of a Canadian high-tech enterprise, owns the core patent of integrated optical devices. In 2013, he set up a team with four top international talents from the United States, Canada and other countries. Cheng dong says, "optical machine place innovation personnel pattern, open do the idea that place attracted oneself. The atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship of optical machine is very strong, which gives the entrepreneurs a relaxed environment and the biggest autonomy. The science and technology innovation star incubator of the optical machine gives full care to the 'birth and growth' of the chip optoelectronics."


Cheng dong, CEO of xi 'an qixin photoelectric co., LTD. (huang guanghui)

The only standard for evaluating talents is scientific and technological innovation, and the diversity of talents can be realized. Among the CEO hatches are tech entrepreneurs with bachelor's degrees and PHDS. Dr Lei mi, chief technology officer of zhongkechuangxing, an incubator started by the company, said the machines provide biodiversity conditions such as rain, soil and air, allowing organisms to grow freely and quickly. Light machine tries its best to provide technology entrepreneurs, investors and engineers with a good environment and conditions for starting a business.

Insert the wing of hard technology for industrialization

Xi 'an optical machine institute undertakes national important scientific research tasks, and has decades of technical accumulation in high-speed photography, modern optics, optoelectronics and other fields, making outstanding contributions to China's "lunar exploration project" and other major tasks. Zhao wei, director of xi 'an guangji institute, stressed in an interview with the central media that while traditional research institutes are fulfilling major national scientific research tasks, they should face the main battlefield of national economy, provide key technical support for the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements and upgrade of enterprise products, and truly transform science and technology into real productivity.


3D human rapid scanner developed by xi 'an zhixiang photoelectricity (huang guangzhao)

Xiao jun is the director of the photonics manufacturing research center of xi 'an optical machine institute, and the founder of the zhongke micro-fine photon. 'the high-end ultra-fast laser processing equipment produced by our company and its subsidiaries mainly relies on the technical research support of the optical machine in the field of transient optics and ultra-fast laser,' he said. Zhu rui, CEO of zhongke microlight medical equipment co., said that high-tech enterprises need to continuously supplement new technologies in the development process. With the accumulation and frontier achievements of excellent scientific research, the optical machine can provide continuous technical support for the development of our high-tech enterprise.

We will explore the deep integration of technology and finance

The industrialization of scientific and technological achievements is faced with the problem of capital. In January 2013, xi 'an guangji institute and shaanxi guantian capital jointly launched the establishment of the first angel fund in northwest focusing on the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements -- "secco angel fund". At the same time, the science and technology innovation star incubator is built on the base of some scientific research places. This year, it has also set up seed fund for scientific and technological entrepreneurship and a space for science and technology innovation.


Xinhua news agency reporters in the laboratory of light machine (huang guangguang photo)

Li hao, founding partner of secco angel fund, said that up to now, secco angel fund has completed nearly 120 million yuan of investment in 50 projects, leading to more than 500 million yuan of social investment. Among them, 13 companies were initiated and set up as the initiator of the company, and 31 were the first institutional investors. They have assisted 8 project companies to complete A round of financing, achieving book value of more than 5-10 times. Another five projects are in preparation for listing the new third board. At present, the secco angel fund is preparing the third phase fund raising work. Secco angel provides the first fund support for the establishment of enterprises by leading talents in scientific and technological entrepreneurship, and effectively solves the "moneybag" problem in the industrialization of high-tech achievements. At the same time, in order to attract, discover and cultivate more "seeds" of technology entrepreneurship, the company also launched a "seed fund for technology entrepreneurship" to screen the "golden eggs" of technology entrepreneurship.

Serve the enterprise based on the market

In the process of driving the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, xi 'an optical machine co., ltd. focuses on services, and provides start-ups with one-stop, close-in incubation services covering physical space, human resources, finance, legal affairs, intellectual property rights and entrepreneurship training, so as to solve the operational and management problems of enterprises. 'our focus is to serve the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements,' said zhao wei, director of the institute. What we don't want to incubate becomes a laboratory for research. We let the professional technical team, capital side to run the enterprise. Facing the market, they have more experience than us.


The "rubik's cube" can remotely control vehicle switches and check vehicle conditions (photo by huang guangzhao)

In an interview with reporters, kechuang star's chief technology officer, said lei impressed, now explore the ecological network system of science and technology entrepreneurship, is to gather talents, capital, technology, service and so on elements, through the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements baton system, formed from idea to help enterprises intellectual property rights to market a complete innovation chain. (original title: xi 'an guangji institute of Chinese academy of sciences wants to create "zhongguancun" in northwest China)

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