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Fingo stuns at the 2018 China education equipment exhibition


The 74th China education equipment exhibition will be held on May 11, 2018 in the western China international expo city, chengdu, China. This exhibition gathers the frontier enterprises of education field at home and abroad, nearly 100 education equipment industry leaders and education experts, aiming to display the latest achievements of education informatization development at home and abroad. Fingo Scanner, a 3D android Scanner with the core of optoelectronics, has been unveiled at the equipment exhibition. 


The main product on display in this exhibition is the 3D Android Scanner Fingo Scanner, which is a globally unique portable 3D Scanner with high precision. The device is equipped with a 7.0-inch high-definition display, with embedded computing power and high-capacity lithium battery life. It is a good helper for industrial VR/AR color reverse modeling, 3D portrait photography and outdoor work. 3d models can be scanned and output without connecting to a computer. Based on "cloud" computing and storage technologies, users can compute, store and share three-dimensional models in the cloud. The scanning process is fully automatic, easy to use and suitable for users of all ages.





During the exhibition, the technical engineers of zhixiangoptronics will provide explanation and demonstration of products and solutions on site. You are sincerely invited to attend the exhibition and look forward to communicating and learning with experts, enterprises and colleagues in the industry. 

More surprises will be unveiled at the conference. We look forward to meeting with you at the 2018 chengdu education equipment expo to open a new chapter in the field of 3D scanning technology. 

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