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Apple's 3D scanning suite can be modeled directly


When Apple bought PrimeSense, an Israeli 3D scanning company, in November, there was speculation that the purchase was intended to pave the way for the feeling feature on Apple TV, but the mystery only began to unravel recently when PrimeSense unveiled a new iPad App, itSeez3D. The 3 d scanning device by installing tSeez3D App and additional equipment Structure on the Sensor is connected to, allow users to quickly capture the shape and color of the object, and can be taken to complete the data uploaded to the cloud, after a few minutes later, the complete 3 d model will be sent back to the device, at the same time back to the model can also be imported into the CAD software for editing or import 3 d printers, creating a replica.

Apple officials point out that when 3D scanning is required, everyone can use the iPad and Structure Sensor device to easily enjoy capturing and sharing high-resolution 3D models. This technology can even be applied to interior design and every item in the home, which is quite convenient.

The $499 Structure includes Skanect Pro Sensor, iPad mount (blue or silver), USB Hacker cable, and Lightning cable.

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