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Peachy Printer:$100 laser 3D printers


As the technology of 3D printing becomes more and more popular, the price of the machine starts to follow the path of the people. Some machines with low precision only sell about 2,000 pieces on taobao. But there's reason to believe that 3D printing opportunities are further down the road: on Kickstarter, a laser 3D printer that sells for just $100 started crowdfunding, with $65,000 in support in just two days.

Our common 3D printers use FDM schemes, which melt the plastic material, apply it layer by layer, and build the model the user wants. The print material for the Peachy Printer USES a photosensitive resin that solidifies into shape by laser.

How do you do that? With software written by the team, users can convert 3D modeling to audio output on a computer (the 3D printer needs to be connected to the audio interface) to control the movement of the laser on the X and Y axes. How is the change in the Z axis realized? The device has a small water tank on top, which USES drip irrigation to send salt water to the bottom, and then allows the material to float. Each droplet will touch two "electrodes" as it falls, and the 3D printer will feed the data back to the computer via the microphone interface to calculate the height of the z-axis.

It's also a 3D scanner. With the assistance of the camera, it can scan and locate different parts of the object with the help of laser, and finally form a 3D model.

In order to save cost, the product does not do much in terms of appearance. In addition, the team also built the product in an open source way, and they hope to further improve the precision of the product.

Earlier, we introduced FABtotum with features such as 3D printing, 3D scanning, and milling, which costs $1,099. Is the $100 Peachy Printer more affordable?

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