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The use of three-dimensional scanners


Now that 3d scanners are widely used, the editor will briefly describe their use in both personal and industrial applications.

Consumer 3d scanners

3d scanner has gradually entered our life, mainly used in family entertainment, family education, virtual coach, size, and other aspects.

In terms of the functions of personal 3D scanner, it is not limited to the scanning function, which can be scanned in a point-and-click 3D. It can be used to quickly and accurately model items such as doll's hands and model toys, and ensure high fidelity and high restore of the scanned items. Through the product's built-in 3D animation creative APP, bone binding and path setting can be easily and quickly implemented to realize 3D animation creativity of real objects, as well as 3D game design. The MOMO series + fitness APP that knows the image, does not select the room size and pattern, moves the projection screen to be clear and convenient, also can compare their movements with the movements of the coach in real time with the screen, makes you fall in love with exercising at home from now on.

Industrial 3d scanners

Industrial level 3 d scanner is more professional, and the requirements for the parameters of the product is higher, is mainly used in: cultural relics scanning modeling, 3 d printing, product modeling, medical hairdressing, face recognition, automobile, mould, jewelry, wood carving, annatto furniture, some do there is in a 3 d scanner to scan of annatto furniture, and furniture, wood carving of the 3 d data and in combination with direct processing, CNC engraving machine a few hours to complete), the other in sculpture, cultural relic, aircraft and other fields are in use.

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