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What should 3d scanners pay attention to in use?


Three-dimensional scanners are now used in a wide range of applications, and become indispensable for many businesses, businesses and even personal work. Since it is an accurate scientific instrument, we must keep the following points in mind when using the 3d scanner:

1. Usage

The 3d scanner should be operated strictly according to the product manual or video. The steps should be followed step by step. It is important to remember that there is no missing steps or disordered steps. If there is any doubt about the product manual or video, it is best to call the after-sale service of the product for consultation. Do not try it by yourself before consultation.

2, maintain

If your 3-d scanner needs regular cleaning or maintenance, don't use organic solvents. This can lead to damage to the internal components of the scanner and possible corrosion of the shell.

3, upgrade,

If the product supports upgrading, we can update the product regularly according to our own needs, which will make us more effective when using the 3d scanner. This upgrade includes both software and hardware upgrades, and it is better to synchronize when upgrading.

4, other

If 3d scanner belongs to laser 3d scanner, we should pay attention not to let the laser affect our glasses, or we can hurt our glasses in the long run without paying attention.

The above points are the important points for daily use of 3d scanners. The editor will update if there is any need for further attention. If you want to know more about 3d scanners, please feel free to follow our website.

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