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What's going on with a 3d scanner


People who often use 3-d scanners will encounter scratches or holes in a swept model. These reasons may be caused by the following:

1. No scanning

This problem is very common, but it is often ignored by us. When scanning an object, the light source may be blocked by other objects. In this way, there must be some problems in the scanned model. So when I'm scanning, I have to see if the objects around me are blocking the light source of the scanner.

2, location,

The position problem is also a problem with high error frequency. Before scanning, please refer to the position suggested in the instruction manual. This mainly refers to the distance between the scanner and the turntable, which may affect the model scanned by us.

3. Body volume

This problem is often ignored. If our object to be swept is large, it is likely that it needs to be scanned for fusion after multiple scans, instead of scanning for forming at one time. It is suggested to sweep such object by scanning part by part and then fusion through software.

4, calibration

If the calibration is not done properly, it will also affect the effect of the model we have scanned. Therefore, the calibration should be conducted strictly according to the instructions on the manual of the scanner, and it is best to be meticulous. For example: the distance between the turntable and the scanner, the position of the calibration plate to be placed, so as to ensure that the picture of the calibration plate is in the scanning area, etc.

These are some of the reasons we often use 3-d scanners, and hopefully help.

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