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3D scanners are used for modeling


One of the most common scenes used by 3D scanners is the rapid establishment of 3D models. High-precision 3D scanners can directly output 3D models by scanning the objects that need to be modeled, or even use them without modification. Common USES are as follows:

Rapid modeling

For example, if we want to build a 3d model, the traditional practice is to require the 3d model modeler to design the operation step by step through corresponding modeling software, which will take a long time cycle. If use 3 d scanner can scan needed for modeling the actual object directly, and then through the computer can directly output 3 d model of what we need, now some 3 d scanner don't even have to link the computer can directly on the scanner, the direct viewing from the scanning models, such as knowledge Fingo S1 as new research and development.

Product upgrade

For some need to improve the product or need to upgrade the product, we can also use 3 d scanner to help the team to quickly establish a three-dimensional model of the first draft, you can revise on the model of scan debugging, take a small amount of time effect can directly show the modified model, rather than "theory to do a lot of fantasy", directly to the product with the expected difference is too big, a waste of time and cost.

Product display

Now the way we show others products in addition to the physical is photos and video, if is not convenient to show the physical or the customer is not present, with the help of 3 d scanners can be directly after the product scan into three-dimensional model, to display to users, so that customers can more clearly understand the advantage of the products and details.

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