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3D scanner classification problem


3d scanner classification

1. General classification

The 3d scanner is divided into contact 3d scanner and non-contact 3d scanner

The contact 3-d scanner calculates depth by actually touching the surface of an object, such as a coordinate measuring machine, a typical contact 3-d scanner. This method is quite accurate and is often used in the engineering manufacturing industry. However, because it must touch the object during scanning, the object to be measured may be damaged or damaged by probes, so it is not suitable for the reconstruction of high-value objects such as ancient relics and relics.

Non-contact active scanning the active scanning is the projection of additional energy into the object and the calculation of three-dimensional spatial information by the reflection of energy.

2. Non-contact 3d scanner

Non-contact 3d scanner is divided into laser scanner and raster 3d scanner (also known as photo-type 3d tracer).

We often say white light scanning, blue light scanning, structured light three-dimensional scanner is from the above, grating is also a statement of this principle. White light and blue light of grating color is different, so the way the white light and blue light, theoretically blu-ray can avoid some interference optical environment and improve the accuracy of measurement, also is very simple to implement, but only in theory, in fact, many factors of interference measurement precision, so the practical effect of blue light is limited.

3. Classification by application

According to the application is usually divided into two categories, "consumer" 3 d scanner and "professional" 3 d scanner, "consumer" is mainly used in home entertainment, family education, etc. Usually is not very tall to the requirement of equipment, and "professional" class 3 d scanner is high to the requirement of equipment, such as accuracy, functionality, and so on, are widely used mainly used in scanning modeling, medical hairdressing, face recognition, etc.

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