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3D Full-featured Scanner

Product Overview

ScanKing211 desktop 3D scanner, made by original third-generation white-light and laser patented scanning technology, supports optical two-stage zooming and can clearly scan objects of all sizes. In the absence of manual intervention, it can be easily applied to automatic scanning and intelligent one-touch registration, to directly scan black, metal and high-reflective objects, easy to use and it takes only 10min to skillfully use the scanner.

  • Double-mode scanning
  • Automatic scanning
  • Intelligent one-touch registration
  • Easy to use

Product Features

White Light/Laser Scanning

With two switchable modes—third-generation white light and laser, the scanner can directly scan black, metal and high-reflective objects, safe and reliable.

Optical Two-stage Zooming, High-resolution Scanning

Optical two-stage zooming, two HD measurement ranges, a point cloud precision of 0.05mm, able to output color models.

Meets User Demand, Precisely Solves Problems

A/B parameter configurations, provide customers with precise and personalized

measurement range

A model:150×150(mm)
B model:350×350(mm)

Accuracy of measurement


Single precision


Single - chip range of measurement


Product Features:

Technical parameters of SK211 Desktop 3D scanner
Model SK211A SK211B
Measurement accuracy 0.05(mm) 0.1(mm)
Measurement range 150×150×150(mm) 350×350×350(mm)
Scan mode automatic scanning on the turntable
Camera resolution 4 million pixels
Projector resolution 1080P
Texture 24-bit true color (LED optional)
Weight 3.5kg; Packed Weight: 5kg
Power 35W
Single-chip measurement range 100×150(mm) 350×200(mm)
Scanning time ≤3min
Dot spacing 0.1-0.2(mm)
registration mode automatic registration
Printability of output data YES
Light source laser, white light
Turntable size φ300×80(mm)
turntable loading 5KG
input voltage 100-240V
data output format STL,OBJ,PLY
Note: SK211AB supports A and B, two functions


Desktop 3d scanners

3D Full-featured Scanner


  • White light and laser
  • Automatic scanning
  • intelligent one-touch registration
  • Easy to use