Fingo S1

A portable 3D intelligent creative terminal

Redefine 3D scanner via being portable, sharable, interactive and creative

Product Overview

Fingo S1 is the first portable 3D intelligent creative terminal in the industry which uses the technology of “3D Modeling + Artificial Intelligence”. It can help the schools and universities to better carry out information technology exercises. With a 9.0-inch ultra-thin flat-panel scanner, Fingo S1 adopts the embedded computing and cloud computing storage technology. It can scan and output three-dimensional models with clear texture and realistic colors anytime and anywhere without PC connection and field limitation. The built-in powerful 3D fun creative application makes 3D fun design more intelligent through its algorithm-driven model. Fingo S1 is easy to learn, teach and use, so it can provide innovative curriculum with original content for Maker education, and make AI easily accessible in schools and universities, and every student can enjoy the 3D technology creativity.

  • Ultra-long battery life
  • Mute mode design without fan
  • 3D intelligent creative terminal
  • 3D Modeling
    + Artificial Intelligence
  • Ultra-thin tablet scanner
    with a 7-inch screen
  • 3D technological creativity

Fast scanning with texture mapping

2-minute scanning and automatic Registration can output a model in vivid color and fine texture;

“Cloud” computing and storage, embedded computing capability

High-frequency use indoors and outdoors out of fields and PC limitation;
Embedded computing capability enables it to scan and export three-dimensional models without computer connection, which makes 3D scanning easy to learn and operate.

Light and portable body, concise and fashionable appearance

15MM thick, 520g heavy, 7-inch high definition touch screen;

Professional Configuration, Fearless of Environmental Constraints

With a 2.0GHZ 6-core ARM processor, 7.0" 2K HD capacitance touch screen, Large-capacity lithium batteries can be available for more than 3 hours without charge, the product processes data on the cloud without a connection cable. It can be used to work and study whenever and wherever possible.

Multipurpose device can provide opportunities to teach through lively activities

1080P high-definition projection, operated with Android system, unlimited download of massive teaching resources

FingoS1 Artificial intelligence helps creative practice training

Unleash the productivity of basic modeling and focus on cultivating students' creative and practical ability

Intelligent operation with low teaching cost

Professional effect can be achieved by one click, thus the threshold of AR/VR content production technology can be lowered

A variety of content production plans to enrich teachers' teaching choices

Provide a rich and interesting curriculum plan for Maker Teaching

Fingo Play

Fingo S1 uses the technology of “3D Scanning + Artificial Intelligence” to help students complete a series of basic work of highly difficult 3D production, such as “high-precision inverse modeling-automatic skeleton construction-data-driven model-generation of AI virtual robot” in a very short time. It helps students to design animation in class, so as to tell stories in a fluent and vivid way.

Scan the doll around you to enjoy the fun of 3D model creation of AI virtual robot generated through algorithm-driven model.

Step 1: Scan
Step 2: Generate model and construct the skeleton automatically
Step 3: Transform the model into an AI intelligent robot

Simple program makes it easy for you to produce videos in which the scanned model can be edited to dance to the music, involve in AR interaction, and play parkour games.
AR interaction
Parkour games playing

Fingo S1 Pro is sharp at the 3D scanning of online products

The fully upgraded texture display effects and newly-added soft light box can secure the 3D model scanning of the products, which can show the hi-fi texture of the models and the targeted colors. With Fingo S1 Pro, you can get what you see.

More vivid texture scanning effects, better-proportioned colors, and more detailed display


Product Package

Product Parameter

Fingo Series Product Parameters
Product Apellation Fingo S1 Fingo S1Pro
Scanning Range (Horizontal) Scanned object range: 200(mm)×300(mm)×250(mm)
(Vertical) Scanned object range:300(mm)×200(mm)×250(mm)
Texture Resolution 2 to 13 Megapixels 2 to 13 Megapixels
Texture RGB 24-bit high definition mapping
Scanning accuracy per side 0.1(mm)
Measurement range per side 300(L)x200(H)mm
Dot pitch 0.12(mm)
Registration mode Automatic turntable registration
Light source white light
Fill-flash Mode Projection light source Light box/projection light source
Scanning mode Automatic turntable scanning
Scanning Speed 2min/circle
3D printing Support stl, ply, obj formats
Second development kit Yes
Scanning Computing Mode Cloud Server/LAN
Projection Support 1080p color projection
Camera 13 million (2)
Turntable control mode Bluetooth
Scanner Dimension 192×122×15(mm)
Turntable Dimension Φ200x50(mm)
Turntable loading ≤5kg
Light box dimensions / 400(mm)×400(mm)×400(mm)
Lamp box power / 24V
Light box control mode / Bluetooth
Screen 7.0-inch 2K high-definition capacitive touch display
Weight Net weight 520g
Battery 6200mAH
CPU 2.0GHZ, 6 core ARM processors
Power 12VDC Quick charge
Double-screen display Support double-screen display of different contents
Multi-screen interaction Airplay/DLNA/Miracast
Android System Andriod 7.1
Communication WIFI、Bluetooth4.0、TYPE-C(USB3.0)

Fingo S1

Portable Android high-precision 3D scanners

A redefinition of 3D scanning—mobile, sharing, interactive, creative

Fingo S1

  • Ultra-long battery life
  • Mute mode design without fan
  • 3D intelligent creative terminal
  • 3D Modeling + Artificial Intelligence
  • Ultra-thin tablet scanner with a 7-inch screen