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Facego Pro

Perfect Moment, Textured True Self

Product Overview

It takes only 0.1s for FaceGo Pro face scanner to collect face data, with a precision of 0.1mm. Characterized by high speed, high portability, high precision and high resolution textures, the scanner supports different lighting conditions (visible light, infrared light), and can be used to scan and model the whole face from the left ear to the right ear clearly at a high speed. It supports auto-synthesis of shapes and textures, as well as intelligent noise reduction and sample compression. The exclusive technology and master-class process give the scanner stable and reliable performance and nice appearance and makes a global leading 3D face scanner and modeler.

  • Quick and easy
  • High precision
  • White light (infrared optional)
  • Automatic registration
  • High-speed scanning
  • Security

Quick 3D Face Scanning, taking 0.1s only

It takes only 0.1s to collect face data with the apparatus working on three angles simultaneously, and the apparatus has high-precision point cloud computing, with point number ≥100 million and precision of 0.1mm.

High-definition Colored Texture Camera, Born to be Professional

Full-automatic mark point-free collaging helps to generate a complete face model at 180° (from the left ear to the right ear)

Exquisite Appearance, High Portability and Powerful Features

There is a set of high-definition cameras in the front, and two sets of double-eye optical imaging sensors laterally, with reflectors adopted to shorten the operating distance. Exclusive technology, mass-class process, small volume 700×300×70(mm), weight 3kg

Facego Pro face scanner application field

Facego Pro

Facego Pro is equipped with an advanced face AI algorithm data collection terminal

Technical parameters of Facego Pro face scanner

Technical parameters of Facego Pro face scanner
Product model Facego Pro
Volume 700×300×70(mm)
Product Weigh 3KG
Input Voltage 220V
Sweep Time 0.1sec
Light Source White light, infrared (optional)
Accuracy of measurement 0.1(mm)
Color texture single Angle, 2.3 megapixels
Measuring range 180 degrees (left ear - right ear)
Number of points 100 million
Stitching way No marking points are automatically spliced
Data output format STL,OBJ,PLY
The output data can be 3D printed Yes

Facego Pro

Face scanner

Perfect Moment, Textured True Self

Facego Pro

  • Extreme 3D face scanning
  • High precision
  • High-definition color texture
  • Delicate appearance
  • Light and portable
  • Powerful