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Recreate 3D human face from 2D images

Project description:

Our research team has realized the key technology of recreating three-dimensional models from two-dimensional face images by using deep learning. In this technology, we have obtained a large number of sample data through ZX-3D Face Data, built a neural network for training, and obtained the depth model. The model uses a single two-dimensional face image to create a high-resolution depth one, and then recreate the three-dimensional dot cloud, which makes the face display more delicate and lifelike.

The three-dimensional face model recovered by this technology has vivid and colorful texture and accurate physical size out of the limitation of two-dimensional images, which brings a more realistic and excellent visual experience to people. It has wide application prospects in medical plastic surgery, games and entertainment, video, communication and other fields.

This technology can offer a great visual experience, making up for the lack of three-dimensional reality in the two-dimensional world.

Effect display:


Video demonstration:


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